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UIKitCore-Structs was found in iOS 15.2.1, 14.4, 13.1.3, 12.1
* This header is generated by classdump-dyld 1.0
* on Friday, January 21, 2022 at 9:01:34 AM Pacific Standard Time
* Operating System: Version 15.2.1 (Build 19C63)
* Image Source: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIKitCore.framework/UIKitCore
* classdump-dyld is licensed under GPLv3, Copyright © 2013-2016 by Elias Limneos.

@class NSMutableArray, UIWebPDFView, NSTimer, DOMNode;

typedef struct CAFrameRateRange {
	float minimum;
	float maximum;
	float preferred;
} CAFrameRateRange;

typedef struct UIEdgeInsets {
	double top;
	double left;
	double bottom;
	double right;
} UIEdgeInsets;

typedef struct os_unfair_lock_s {
	unsigned _os_unfair_lock_opaque;
} os_unfair_lock_s;

typedef struct _NSZone* NSZoneRef;

typedef struct CGColor* CGColorRef;

typedef struct CGSize {
	double width;
	double height;
} CGSize;

typedef struct CATransform3D {
	double m11;
	double m12;
	double m13;
	double m14;
	double m21;
	double m22;
	double m23;
	double m24;
	double m31;
	double m32;
	double m33;
	double m34;
	double m41;
	double m42;
	double m43;
	double m44;
} CATransform3D;

typedef struct CGPoint {
	double x;
	double y;
} CGPoint;

typedef struct CGRect {
	CGPoint origin;
	CGSize size;
} CGRect;

typedef struct CGContext* CGContextRef;

typedef struct CGImage* CGImageRef;

typedef struct {
	double field1;
	double field2;
	double field3;
} SCD_Struct_UI11;

typedef struct {
	NSMutableArray* all;
	NSMutableArray* html;
	NSMutableArray* javascript;
	NSMutableArray* css;
	NSMutableArray* error;
	NSMutableArray* warning;
	NSMutableArray* tip;
	NSMutableArray* log;
} SCD_Struct_UI12;

typedef struct {
	UIWebPDFView* view;
	NSTimer* timer;
} SCD_Struct_UI13;

typedef struct __CFDictionary* CFDictionaryRef;

typedef struct {
	NSTimer* timer;
	CGPoint location;
	long long modifierFlags;
	BOOL isBlocked;
	BOOL isCancelled;
	BOOL isOnWebThread;
	BOOL isDisplayingHighlight;
	BOOL isWriting;
	BOOL attemptedClick;
	CGPoint lastPanTranslation;
	DOMNode* element;
	id delegate;
	id interactionSheet;
	BOOL allowsImageSheet;
	BOOL allowsDataDetectorsSheet;
	BOOL allowsLinkSheet;
	BOOL acceptsFirstResponder;
	double documentScale;
	id previewHintRects;
	id previewHintImage;
} SCD_Struct_UI15;

typedef struct UIWebViewportConfiguration {
	CGSize size;
	float initialScale;
	float minimumScale;
	float maximumScale;
	BOOL allowsUserScaling;
	BOOL allowsShrinkToFit;
	BOOL avoidsUnsafeArea;
} UIWebViewportConfiguration;

typedef struct __CFCharacterSet* CFCharacterSetRef;

typedef struct CGPDFDocument* CGPDFDocumentRef;

typedef struct CGAffineTransform {
	double a;
	double b;
	double c;
	double d;
	double tx;
	double ty;
} CGAffineTransform;

typedef struct PDFHistoryItem {
	BOOL restorePending;
	BOOL isInitialScale;
	double zoomScale;
	CGPoint contentOffset;
} PDFHistoryItem;

typedef struct __CTFont* CTFontRef;

typedef struct CGPDFFont* CGPDFFontRef;

typedef struct __CFRunLoopObserver* CFRunLoopObserverRef;

typedef struct {
	BOOL previewForHighlighting;
	BOOL previewForDismissing;
	BOOL willPerformPreviewActionForMenuWithConfiguration;
	BOOL willDisplayMenuForConfiguration;
	BOOL willEndForConfiguration;
	BOOL styleForMenuWithConfiguration;
	BOOL accessoriesForMenuWithConfiguration;
	BOOL failedToBeginForSecondaryClickAtLocation;
	BOOL shouldByDelayedByGestureRecognizer;
	BOOL asyncConfigurationForMenuAtLocation;
	BOOL overrideSuggestedActions;
	BOOL shouldPresent;
	BOOL shouldAllowDragAfterDismiss;
	BOOL shouldAllowSwipeToDismiss;
	BOOL interactionEffectForTargetedPreview;
	BOOL shouldAttemptToPresentConfiguration;
	BOOL willCommit;
	BOOL willPresent;
	BOOL didEnd;
} SCD_Struct_UI24;

typedef struct {
	BOOL field1;
	BOOL field2;
	BOOL field3;
	BOOL field4;
} SCD_Struct_UI25;

typedef struct UIWebTouchEvent {
	int type;
	double timestamp;
	CGPoint locationInScreenCoordinates;
	CGPoint locationInDocumentCoordinates;
	double scale;
	double rotation;
	BOOL inJavaScriptGesture;
	_UIWebTouchPoint touchPoints;
	unsigned touchPointCount;
	BOOL isPotentialTap;
} UIWebTouchEvent;

typedef struct _compressed_pair<_UIOutlineNode *, std::allocator<_UIOutlineNode>> {
	_UIOutlineNode __value_;
} compressed_pair<_UIOutlineNode *, std::allocator<_UIOutlineNode>>;

typedef struct vector<_UIOutlineNode, std::allocator<_UIOutlineNode>> {
	_UIOutlineNode __begin_;
	_UIOutlineNode __end_;
	compressed_pair<_UIOutlineNode *, std::allocator<_UIOutlineNode>> __end_cap_;
} vector<_UIOutlineNode, std::allocator<_UIOutlineNode>>;

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